Sharing is at the heart of the Situ Home experience. Everything you create in Situ – complete homes or individual rooms – can be shared easily with your friends, other users or businesses. The Situ HomeShare system makes everyone members of a networked communication platform that delivers clarity of their plans and brings efficiency for every user.

HomeShare works by assigning each project you have created in Situ a unique HomeShare Number when you save your plan to HomeShare. With this number your friends and customers can access your home or room designs and see your complete plan including all selected furnishings, paint colours, tiles and all your design elements. A perfect and seamless environment for feedback, creative collaboration and eventually completing the project.

HomeShare is the means of communication within Situ and there is no more effective method of bridging the knowledge gap between different parties than everyone seeing exactly the same design in 3D. As the community of home developers and businesses that wish to cater for their needs grows Situ should develop increasingly into a vibrant and efficient community network.


How do I share?

When you save your home in Situ you can save it to HomeShare which while safely storing your plan will also generate a unique HomeShare number that you can share with friends and businesses that you wish to deal with.

What can I share?

Homes or Rooms can be saved to HomeShare, these can contain any product or material that you find within the Situ product listings.

Where can I share?

Plans can be shared within the Situ system with other users, or the unique ID number can be simply emailed or shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Instagram.